Leaders vs Laggards How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation

Part 2 of the Leaders vs Laggards research theme, featuring interviews and surveys with 280+ CEOs and senior executives across the UK and Europe from some of the world's leading non-banks, businesses and financial institutions.
The report focuses on how businesses from a non-banking background are responding to today's digitally demanding customer by embedding finance and payments straight into their workstreams and customer experiences and features:

  • Three key issues non-banks are facing
  • 5-point plan to fast-track payments innovation
  • Interviews from industry heavyweights
  • The technology disrupting the FinTech landscape in 2021
  • How to deliver a 14% improvement in business performance by eliminating hidden payment inefficiencies 

A major study reveals how financial service innovators are responding to the post-pandemic world.

A world where digital commerce has become the default and customers expect their services, including payment processing, to be real-time and traceable 24/7. 

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