Globally connected CBDCs – a pipe dream or the future of international payments?

Tune in to hear our expert line up of speakers discuss why CBDCs are an important part of the future and how we, as an industry, implement legislation to make it practical on a global scale. As central banks across the world are ramping up their efforts to develop their own digital currencies, thoughts are quickly turning to how they could work in a globalised world.
It is increasingly clear that facilitating interoperability and interlinkages between the 80+ domestic CBDCs currently in development will be critical to fully realise the expected benefits.
Complicating matters is the fragmented nature of the current CBDC ecosystem, and with central banks developing their own digital currencies based on different technologies, standards and protocols, it is crucial that the industry addresses these issues, or else this could prevent businesses and consumers from easily making cross-border CBDC payments in the future.
Speaker lineup:

Robert Courtneidge, Syndicate Director, The Payments Association

Nick Kerigan, Managing Director, Head of Innovation, SWIFT

Zennon Kapron, Founder & Director, Kapronasia

Vincent Lau, Regional Head of International Payments, Asia Pacific, HSBC Global Liquidity and Cash Management

Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer, Co-Founder, Sinonyx

Jannah Patchay, Policy Lead & Member of Originating Team, Digital Pound Foundation

Weikai Phang, Executive Director Digital Currencies Product, Transaction Banking Cash, Standard Chartered Bank

Rachel Levi, Global Head of Innovation Engineering, SWIFT

Sudhir Pai, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer – Financial Services Global Business, Capgemini